Women’s Ministry

In 2023-24, by popular request, we have been revisiting our Spring study from last year to dig even deeper.

What: "Chasing Vines, finding your way to an immensely fruitful life" by Beth Moore

When: Tuesdays at 9:45am, wrapping up June 25th, resuming September 10th, 2024

Where: Grace Chapel - Rehoboth Chapel

For more info please speak with Sandra Chaulk (902) 455-2874 or Kathleen Swan

Or email:





Here are a few comments from the women who attend the group:

·        It’s a chance to connect and share spiritually, emotionally, and socially as we learn to grow in Christ.

·        As a newcomer to Grace, I was welcomed into this group with open arms and great support.

·        I found the love of God in my sisters and a place where I can learn more about God and we can pray together.

·        It’s a safe place to share with caring women and learn to rely more on God and to be thankful.

·        Amazing fellowship! I feel truly blessed and encouraged. It’s a time I look forward to each week.